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We are storytellers, both in our commercial production capacity and with our entertainment assets. With over twenty-five years of experience in media and event production, we understand how to deliver a message. Using the visual medium of storytelling, our job is that of a servant to our clients and viewers. We view the relationship far more like a partnership. Our premise is simple. When our clients succeed, we succeed.  When the viewers are entertained we’ve done our job. Whether through television commercials or television shows, branding campaigns or films, corporate video or novels, we specialize in telling great stories.

Grant Kauffman, Founder, 12 Rounds Media, LLC

From rap music to Don King to the Osmonds—the last twenty years has been an interesting ride for founder/producer/director/author Grant Kauffman, an expert in both pain and perseverance. Grant was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when he was just a kid, its venom never leaving his body. In college it manifested itself as his first business, a music production company, specializing in rap music groups and concert promotion.

In July of 1995 a unique and life-changing opportunity presented itself to Grant. He was hired by boxing promoter Don King to work in promotions and public relations. Ten days into the job and he was having a lobster dinner with Don King. One week after that, he sat on the second step of the ring as Mike Tyson made his historic comeback fight against Peter McNeeley.

“I could literally reach up and touch the canvas. I was sitting that close. It was as surreal a moment as I’ve ever had. I’d spent my entire life living in Nebraska and the next thing you know I’m ringside along with every A-list celebrity for the biggest sporting event in years. Life is funny that way, which is why quitting is never an option.”

During his two years at Don King Productions, Grant worked in promotions and public relations for a year before working as a producer/editor for Don’s television network. The final fight he worked was the infamous Holyfield-Tyson II fight, the ear-bite brawl.

After leaving Don King Productions, Grant moved to Dallas for a short six months, where he edited an independent film, one that never saw the light of day.

“The film didn’t go anywhere which didn’t surprise me. I was okay with that because I made it into IMDB—isn’t that the true measure of a man anyway?”

In January of 1998, Grant moved to Denver to work for software company, J.D. Edwards. Three and a half years after arriving in the Mile High City, Grant launched a video production company with two talented partners. It was August, 2001, just one month prior to the world changing forever.

Within a year, Grant branched off on his own with his first sole operation, ONYX Entertainment, Inc., a media production company. During this time he began to hone his writing skills, completing his first screenplay, a gut-wrenching drama called Honor Thy Mother. This was also around the time that Grant first began to develop his idea for a unique story about a group of kids who get trapped beneath the earth’s surface.

“There have been countless times as an adult where I’d felt trapped by circumstances, unable to find a way out. So, I started thinking of a way to tell my story, and being trapped in a cave system three hundred feet down seemed like a great metaphor. But I knew that the story would be so much better if it involved kids.”

But the story would have to wait. In October of 2004, Grant moved his family from Denver to the Dallas area, hoping to finally act on the long-standing dream of starting an entertainment company in the Lone Star state.

In 2011 the ideas for his story began to gain momentum—the story of the kids trapped under the earth that started years before now had the unmistakable true-life inspiration to make it great. Grant decided it was time to unleash his true talents—as a storyteller. Two years later, he released Project 14: The Legend of Beelzebub’s Bluff, as a self-published book on Amazon. In the fall of 2013, he attended the Writer’s Digest West Coast Conference in Los Angeles where he met an unlikely ally, an Osmond. In early 2014, Grant and Amy Osmond Cook, daughter of Wayne, niece of Donny and Marie, settled on a three-book agreement for the Project 14 series. Amy, owner of Sourced Media Books, saw something she liked in Grant and his young adult adventure story.

“We were very excited to welcome Grant Kauffman to the Sourced Media Books family. I felt the Project 14 series had the potential to be a great success with not only our young adult audience, but also with fans of all ages who enjoy adventure and fantasy. Grant Kauffman is a creative storyteller who has come up with a very marketable series, one that could easily become the next popular franchise book series.”

In early 2015 Grant Kauffman officially launched a new media and entertainment company, 12 Rounds Media, LLC. Soon after he was brought in to produce and direct the pilot episode of Your RV Life. 12 Rounds Media has also produced numerous television commercials for the Dallas/Ft. Worth market in addition to having produced some outstanding corporate video work. There are also several entertainment-based projects in the works including Grant writing the second book in the Project 14 series, Project 14: Bad Moon on the Bayou.

Grant Kauffman holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a proud single father who raises his three children in McKinney, Texas. Project 14: The Legend of Beelzebub’s Bluff and Rattlebone Tales Vol. 1 are now available at amazon.com

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