The Meaning of 12 Rounds Media and the 80-18-2 Rule

The Meaning of 12 Rounds Media and the 80-18-2 Rule
May 10, 2017 Grant Kauffman
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The Meaning of 12 Rounds Media and the 80-18-2 Rule

Today a question was asked of me—one I’ve fielded before. What does the name 12 Rounds Media mean? Great question, and a perfect springboard for this journey of commentary I’m officially setting sail on.

When I was in my early twenties I got my initial taste of the forbidden fruit of entrepreneurialism. My first company, a music production outfit, was in the midst of one of those all night recording sessions, the kind that began before sun down and ended after sunrise. Our audio engineer, a man equal parts creative talent and gentle soul, gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

“Grant, always remember that eighty percent of the people want to see you fail and the other twenty percent will try to make you fail.”

What great advice that was! (Good article about the haters here.)

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Over two decades have since passed and I’ve come to adjust his wisdom just a tad. Yes, I still agree that eighty percent of the people want to see you fail, but there is only eighteen percent who try to make you fail. This means two percent of the people in your life not only root for your success but also will actually help you. The challenge is deciphering between them and the other ninety-eight.

The point here is that life can be lonely and rough. Trying to achieve dreams—even more lonely and rougher. The obstacles (and people) lurking in the shadows beyond the next bend often provide an overwhelming challenge. Make it big and the ninety-eight percent grow louder, more determined for your demise. Do not be discouraged, my friends. Rather you should be inspired to prove those doubters wrong. My favorite line in the sports movie classic, Major League, is when manager, Lou Brown addresses his players about the media’s low expectation for his team. Must view!

Of course inspiration should not be rooted in revenge—far from it. Haters and doubters are a part of the package for those who aspire greatness. Don’t expect to understand or please them—just keep pushing forward past their negative energy. Success will be the only revenge you’ll ever need.

In closing I hope to provide a fair-minded testimonial about this journey of life. It can and will be rough. I certainly have battle scars on both body and soul as proof. But the thing about me, like some of you, is that I simply cannot quit. And that, my friends, is what 12 Rounds Media is all about—going the distance no matter how great the obstacles. It’s about possessing perseverance past the point where others wouldn’t dare go. At 12 Rounds Media we dare go because we know our purpose. The stakes are too high for us not to continue forward. We just ask that you don’t hate us for trying.

Grant Kauffman is the founder of 12 Rounds Media, LLC

A storyteller at heart, Grant has well over two decades experience in producing, directing, video editing, and writing. You can find his books here. And view his video portfolio here.