Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Ad Campaigns

One of the most powerful forms of advertising today is the digital marketing campaign. Have you ever been talking about a new restaurant and then “BAM!”, their ad appears on one of your feeds? Sort of creepy? Absolutely. A powerful marketing tool? Without a doubt. A well-executed digital campaign can enable you to target customers like no other medium. Two examples of the power of digital advertising include Geo-fencing and Geo-recency.

  • Geo-fencing is defining a physical location where your potential customers get your ads. Example: a potential customer walks into your competitor’s store so we hit their phone with your ad.
  • Geo-recency is when those people who are in those geographical areas exit the location and we re-target them up to a certain number of miles outside of those zones. Very powerful capability.

The power and flexibility of digital marketing are almost endless. However, like with any campaign, you need to be sure you’re picking the right one for you. This is where we come in. Shoot us an email and we’d love to come out and talk about adding a digital component to your campaign.