Historically our culture has been shaped by various styles of storytelling, every great novel, film, television show, Broadway play, piece of music—those works of art that will define us as a civilization when we are no longer around to explain why we did what we did as a society. To affect positive change in the current culture in America and the world through great stories is our passion. Whether through television, novel or film at 12 Rounds Media the story means everything.

Current Projects

Million Dollar Rustic

No one grows up wanting to be the furniture guy. But no one could possibly predict the sort of wild ride that is the rustic furniture business. An industry once dominated by birthright has seen a rise in one particular segment, a segment grown in the heart of Texas by a group of self-proclaimed furniture rogues. Million Dollar Rustic is the story of an unlikely group of people from Dallas who have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people stretching as far south as Chile. Where some see a pine tree, others see the genesis for an artisan to impact the lives of generations to come.

Your RV Life

Since it’s inception in 1910 the love affair between Americans and the recreational vehicle has only intensified. The same pioneer spirit that propelled the early settlers to bump and bounce their way across the rugged plains is still very much alive. Your RV Life is the story of the unique people who view a highway as a path for exploration. Told through they eyes of Rodney Simmons, owner of Blue Moon Mobile RV repair shop in Carrollton, Texas, the show celebrates the individuality of the RVer. From a former nuclear engineer who walked away from a lucrative gig pushing submarines around the globe in order to create steam punk goggles and potion bottles, to an Inn Keeper in West Texas who’s wanderlust boils inside, to a group of adventurous women who travel in groups called Glampers, tasting the freedom of the wilderness sans their husbands, the characters of Your RV Life drive the story. Story after story of people, from the normal to the bizarre, who’s RV is a part of their DNA. Your RV Life is a celebration of tales from the open road, featuring fascinating people, their extraordinary lives, and the journeys they take to amazing places.

Red, White and Roux

With the founding of a new nation, there was set in motion an unsuspecting blueprint for a multi-trillion dollar industry and one that would shape American culture and identity for years to come.  This is the story of how food and the ensuing industry have not only exploded but how it has shaped us culturally, regionally, and racially. There are but a few common cultural bridges left to cross in our divided nation, luckily food is one of them.

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