Short Stories

Short Stories

12 Rounds Media Short Stories

At 12 Rounds Media, we place tremendous value on the short story. It’s like a 5K, an opportunity for authors to showcase their talents without having to run that marathon called a novel. Over the next several months we will feature stories from a variety of genres, written by a diverse selection of authors. Our short story library will continue to grow as we do, so keep checking back.

Here are the titles we currently have available:

A Caring Heart (Horror) written by Grant Kauffman

Lacie Andersen had never met an upscale retail store she didn’t like, nor had she seen a dollar bill she didn’t desire. Not far behind her lust for the finer things and deep pockets was her desire to be seen as the owner of the pants holding said pockets. As such, she rarely missed out on a good party, the kind of party people of influence attended. In fact, it was at a fund-raising party where she met Frank Bartels, a bright young finance manager at one of Austin’s hottest

An Old Soul (Horror) written by Grant Kauffman

My uncle Tate—I love him, definitely my favorite relative—and his wife Patricia always tell me what an old soul I am, far more mature than the fifteen-year-old body I occupy. Usually I wouldn’t give such talk much thought, partly because I’m used to hearing compliments, but mainly because it’s just not what dudes my age think about. We’re all about video games, sports, and girls, in that order. I don’t care what any teen expert says, I will take Black Ops over bubble-gum-chewing, lip-gloss-wearing girls any day of the week, no matter how hot they are

Granddad’s Cellar (Horror) written by Grant Kauffman

Jacob Rustin’s granddaddy was a witness to the boy’s first breath in this world, taking in that same sterile hospital air the boy inhaled during his first few seconds of this journey called life. In fact, he was the only family member to hold baby Jacob that day. The newest Rustin arrived courtesy of an emergency Cesarean, so Mama spent the first twenty-four hours recovering from what turned out to be a very difficult surgery. Grandpa Rustin has been close

Murky Waters (Horror) written by Grant Kauffman

The lonely, dusty stretch of Texas Highway 35 that leads from Alvin to Liverpool is a familiar ten-mile trek for the area’s teenagers. For years, it has been the route that takes eager high-school kids to the region’s most sought-after make-out spot, a heavily wooded parcel of land near Liverpool called Freedom Park. Freedom Park holds none of the typical park equipment—no swings, no slides and no picnic areas. In fact, Freedom Park doesn’t resemble a park at all. It is

The Box (Horror) written by Grant Kauffman

I’m not going to lie to you—I’m really upset. Frickin’ pissed may be a better way to phrase it. I don’t want to come across as a complainer, but I’m not used to this sort of adversity. I guess you could say I was spoiled a bit growing up, possibly even coddled. I was raised to be a confident young man and I’m not going to apologize for that. I only think about success, never failure. I mean, I’ve never once even thought about a contingency plan. Which is why this odd recollection I’ve been having is troubling


The Wanderer (Historical Fiction) written by Grant Kauffman

Sabrina Lambert smiled for the first time in as long as she could remember. All it took was a memory, a simple recollection, and the months of emptiness seemed to dissipate, if only for a moment. They felt good, her memories, one encounter in particular, involving the only man who’d ever made her truly happy. He had touched her in ways no man ever had, deep in her soul. His mental lovemaking was more powerful than any physical pleasure she’d ever known. After the war