Social Media

Social Media

History has taught us that keeping your brand in front of potential customers at all times is the key to growing your business. (See: The Great Depression) As such we always recommend a multi-faceted ad approach of linear (television), digital and social media. However, when the budgets are tight there is no better bang for the buck than a well thought out and well executed social media campaign. And the best part is that success is usually achieved with a much lower investment than traditional ad campaigns. But please understand that social media campaigns are far more complex than simply posting on your pages.

Organic vs. Targeted
There are basically two battlefronts in the world of social media – organic and targeted. The basic different is that organic posts are always free but you only reach your existing followers and anyone that they may share the post with. Targeted campaigns are powerful artillery in the battle of winning eyeballs. This is where we shine for you.

There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all way to do this. Every campaign is different which is why we take the time to find out exactly what you want to accomplish.

Fee Structure
We have three components to our social media fee structure.
• Management: This is where we take the reins of your existing social platforms (or we set a new one up for you). We can be as hands on as you’d like. We can post daily content, reply to customer questions or we can make periodic posts and train you on the day-to-day social media requirements.
• Content Production: This the hook. This is the shiny object that we dangle in front of potential customers. It may be video ads, video vignettes, scenic drone shots, static flyers and more that attracts people to your product or service. The price of content production is different for every campaign depending on the type of message needed.
• Ad buys: This is one of the most powerful components to social media campaigns. The amount of money you spend on your ads is entirely up to you. 100% of this money goes into advertising. 0% goes to the agency. So, if your budget is $100 per week, then that is the budget. If you can spend $1000 per week then that is your budget. And keep in mind that throwing a larger amount at a campaign isn’t always the best approach. That is why we spend so much time preparing a campaign, so that we will know what works and what doesn’t before we fully commit your ad dollars.

Shoot us an email at Info@12RoundsMedia .com and we will contact you about your project. Remember, we exist to help you be successful.